Time for a BDS rethink


Sometimes something comes up that is everything Five Minutes for Israel tried to be. That something is #RETHINK2014.



Those of you who have stayed with the Five Minutes for Israel from the beginning will remember the ‘5 minutes’ was all you needed to do something positive for Israel. Since then the blog has become more analytical and less action item orientated. The problem was not finding something to do in five minutes or less but timing them to be most effective. Keeping ahead of the news and the world clock became too exhausting although reading the Irish media to stay ahead of the American media is probably the reason for our continuing interest in Hibernia.

The #RETHINK2014 project. Breaking down the Israel Apartheid smear one photo at a time is taking the concept of a small act that consumes little precious time to the limit.

In their own words

Rethink2014 is students challenging the Apartheid smear & bringing the real Israel to you. Don’t believe the hype this February 2014.
Re-educate. Re-assess. Re-think.

We know plenty of you out there are tired of Israel Apartheid Week, and now it’s time to do something about that. If you’re ready to rethink Israel this year, all you have to do is print out the cover photo, give your opinion and take a photo of yourself with it. Just Private Message us to submit, and we’ll spread it round the globe!

I oppose Israel Apartheid Week because …

Click to access the I OPPOSE APARTHEID WEEK BECAUSE: file for printing

Action Items

  1. Print out the page either from Five Minutes for Israel or from the Facebook group page
    1. Not on Facebook? Effective Hasbara demands it and while you’re at it like the Five Minutes for Israel page.
  2. Write down why you oppose Israel Apartheid Week and take a picture of yourself (examples on this page).
  3. Private message it on the Rethink2014 Facebook group page
  4. Tweet it with #ApartheidWeek and #Rethink2014 tags.
  5. Get Rethink on Instagram  @rethink2014
  6. Join the Thunderclap

About Rethink 2014


Hannah Brady

I was lucky enough to speak to Hannah Brady from Kings College, University of London whose brainchild this was.  She told me the aim was to create a space, that was anonymous†, with no specific political message.

She told me that people don’t understand the atmosphere of intimidation that apartheid Week generates. There is little sympathy from the administration for complaints.

On the other hand, students who support Israel or simply oppose the hypocrisy of Israel Apartheid Week need a prompt outside of the usual Zionist channels.

So far 40,000 have seen the post. Although this started as a project at one London university it has spread as far as Perth, Western Australia and Yeshiva University, New York.

So, what is next? That’s something that needs thinking about. The same non ideological, no specific stance approach that makes Rethink 2014 attractive works against institutionalising it. Besides students who care – graduate.

#RETHINK2014 cover page

† Relatively at any rate (David)

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