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Red Nose Mike Harris

Michael (Mike) Harris

20 December 2012

Even by Press TV standards …

Even by Press TV‘s nonexistent standards the accusation that Israel was responsible for the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut was far-fetched. But it is getting some play on the Internet so it’s important to have some background on the authors and sources. As way of disclaimer, Five Minutes for Israel has no information on the actual details of this terrible tragedy and only the deepest sympathy for its victims. We are attacking the messenger.

Who is Michael Harris?

More importantly. Who isn’t he? Michael Harris is not, as he and others claim, a former G.O.P. candidate for Governor of Arizona. It’s a claim that seems to be the basis of his credibility. In 2006 he ran in the primaries coming a distant third with 6.08% of the vote1.

The ‘big business’ claims he makes in his biography appear at the very least shaky. When I check on a company the first thing to inspect is the company website. None of the many companies he claims to have established and managed seems to have one. Not even a free, amateur-looking site. This is very suspicious.

Multi million dollar companies or even as he claims multi billion dollar companies tend to have prestigious addresses. Apartments in suburban Phoenix, Arizona tend to be the address of much less ambitious enterprises. So his candidate details that his company made a $10 Billion all cash offer to purchase all of Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector seems, at the very least unlikely2. Ditto his claim to have became Motorola’s vendor of choice, placing over $1.2 billion of capital equipment worldwide.3 Or to have made improvements in logistics decreased Motorola downtime by 60% and decreased mean time between failures by 90%3 You can guess what I think of drove an additional $300 million of value to Motorola shareholders3

Five Minutes for Israel has emailed the Media Centers of Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions for their comments. While I can’t depend on an answer I think we can guess what it will be if one arrives. I guess Motorola’s close connections with Israel must have skipped his attention.

All companies, no matter their size, are listed in the telephone book for the city they are located in. This doesn’t seem to be the case for any of the Harris enterprises. Mobile numbers from Motorola?

Harris put $100,000 of his own money into his campaign for governor just months after convincing a judge he was too poor to make full support payments for his only child. He was quoted as saying “said $1,000 a month “for one kid for a four-year marriage is pretty darn generous.”

His relationship with the consulting firm representing him also ended acrimoniously over unpaid bills.

I suppose that qualifies him for his day job as Financial Editor of Veterans Today.

Worth reading:

Is there any doubt he is nothing but a fantasist, at best or worse, a small time Frank Abagnale or Ferdinand Demara?

Gordon Duff

Gordon Duff

Who is Gordon Duff?

You might think that when quoting Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman4 Duff might include a relevant BTW. By the way, Michael Harris is a fellow member of the Veterans Today and sits with me on the board of an allegedly Swiss company Adamus Group. Like the Harris companies the trail of this group is to say the least vague. Somehow this group has avoided the need for a website and avoided any publicity other than through Duff and those quoting his claims. Very James Bond!

According to Veterans Today:

Adamus, among other things, manages a series of organizations that oversee high security databases for national intelligence agencies, law enforcement groups and financial institutions.

Several Adamus group companies work in the area we broadly refer to as “disclosure,” managing the integration of “after next-gen” technologies.  Among those are energy sectors including a variety of fusion systems, advanced energy weapons and unconventional flight systems.

Adamus is privately held, quasi-governmental and operates under the authorities of several treaties and conventions.

In a moment of candour Duff has admitted that 40% of the information he publishes is knowingly false. Check out the video from about 44 seconds in.

If should surprise no one that Duff is a 9/11 Truther.The ADL has outed Duff as a major redistributor of 9/11 myths, in particular the one of the Mossad ordering 4,000 Israelis (or was it Jews?) to stay home that day.

I’ve always imagined the conversation:
Mossad: Mr Levy, don’t go to work today.
Levy: Who are you?
Mossad: You don’t know me but I’m from the Mossad.
‘CLICK’ Levy hangs up. Now repeat this 4,000 times.
Would you buy a conspiracy theory from these men?

I wouldn’t buy a used car from Duff and Harris. I wouldn’t even buy lemonade.

1,2 Source: Our Campaigns, Harris, Mike, Candidate Details
3 Source: Veterans Today Mike Harris Profile Bio
4 I couldn’t find any confirmation about his campaign financial chairman status in the Republican Party, either. Hopefully the Republican Party will confirm or deny this.

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