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Presumably even the Destroy Israel Lobby realised what a miserable mess Viva Palestina made of the last blockade busting attempt†. A ‘flotilla’ of more-or-less ocean going vessels hopes to succeed, this time, at least in a propaganda sense where Galloway and Viva Palestina failed‡.

See Mission accomplished, WTF? for more details of the last attempt.

At present ships three ships flying the flag of Turkey;  two from Britain and four from Greece, Ireland, Algeria and Kuwait will take part. In a variation of the tried and test Palestinian ‘human shield’ technique the flotilla will defy Israel to stop them and supposedly cause an international incident, if they do.

At present most of the media coverage is from the Destroy Israel Lobby so commenting is probably a waste of time.  The ‘action’ we are assured should start in about 24 hours. This will become an Action Item so we should be prepared. Stay in touch.

Additional link. We like Daniel Herschtal’s response to the flotilla: Ship of Fools

Yes there is nothing quite like supporting an Islamic-fundamentalist, misogynist territory engaged in a violent struggle against a country who can claim rightful ownership of the territory under international law.

Enjoy your trip.

† To help jog your memory

Viva Palestina declared the Gaza Convoy is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Mission Accomplished?

Five Minutes for Israel is curious. Gaza doesn’t have a deep water port. The nearest one is El Arish and we saw last time how cooperative the Egyptians become when their pride and/or sovereignty is threatened. Where does the flotilla hope to unload tons (or so we have been told) of building material?

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