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Try, try, try again

The Viva Palestina group is organising a new convoy, no.5, which if it leaves according to their schedule will depart England on September 18th†.

They are nothing if not persevering. Last time the convoy reached the Egypt-Gaza border only to encounter violent confrontation between the convoy and Egyptians. George’s brave adventure was the trigger for a clash between Palestinians and Egyptian security at the Rafah crossing where an Egyptian soldier was shot and killed by a Palestinian sniper.

Some members of the happy band including Georgie were arrested, deported and declared persona non grata by the Egyptian authorities. That means never to be given permission to return. Many of the convoy’s vehicles were forbidden entry and were presumably sent onwards to Syria. Much of the medical aid was out-of-date and improperly transported or in excess of Gaza’s actual need, therefore so useless it was dumped in landfills. Viva Palestina admits this in a round about way by claiming they are now working with medical authorities to determine the correct medicines in the correct quantities.

Actually entering Gaza could still be problematic. Viva Palestina claim that they have received the OK to deliver the goods but it is reasonable to suggest that, if this is true, the Egyptians would insist on exactly the same conditions that Galloway so arrogantly rejected last time.  Significantly the Egypt State Information Service makes no mention of it.

Insert ‘shit’ joke here …

The word on much of the Internet is that the main cargo will be fertilizer!

So why fertilizer?

My guess is that the decision was, as with so much of the Viva Palestina farce a public relations one. Fertilizer is a dual civilian and military use item. It can be used to help grow crops (remember Gaza is supposed to be starving) but with the convoy’s history of incompetence who knows if they will bring the correct top dressing.

Unfortunately, ‘some’ fertilizer can be used to produce explosives. Timothy Veigh, the Oklahoma bomber, guilty of deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks used ammonium nitrate fertilizer as part of his bomb.

The real reason for this convoy

This dual use is probably no coincidence. It is almost certain that neither Israel or Egypt will allow such a potentially lethal import in, certainly not without inspection. That will provide the pretence for the confrontation that is the real reason for this convoy.

OTOH Viva Palestina is certainly stupid enough to load their vehicles with sacks of manure and transport them 7,000 KM in desert conditions! Couldn’t happen to a ‘nicer’ bunch of terrorist facilitators.

Will the fertilizer produce fine produce for starving Gazans, like these ones?

† On principle Five Minutes for Israel doesn’t provide links to Destroy Israel Lobby sites.
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