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“The Balen Report.? It’s my operating manual”†

11 November 2012

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It’s long been my daydream that the Balen Report on BBC Middle East reporting somehow falls into my hands (Leaker, I will be discrete about your identity) and I would send it to so many involved people that it goes viral.

You don’t know what I am talking about? The BBC has spent around £UK330,000 (~$US500,000) of compulsory license fee money to ensure the license fee payers don’t have a chance to see it. It is my belief that the BBC uses its former credibility to campaign for the Palestinians and release of the Balen report would embarrass them (or worse) into honest, professional, neutral reporting on Israel. Even if I am wrong about this, it is incredible that the largest news-gathering organisation in the world is so opaque about its methods, especially as it is publicly funded and is seen as representing Britain to the world.

We call upon the BBC to release the findings to the general public of the Balen report that looked into its Middle East coverage and allegations of bias against Israel by the BBC. The BBC has spent over a third of a million pounds on covering up these findings for eight years. We believe this is a misuse of BBC licence fee payers’ money. The BBC should be obligated to reveal to its licence fee payers all the findings of this report on its coverage of the Middle East.

The BBC trust has to ensure that the BBC provides accurate and impartial news. The remit of the Balen report was to examine the BBC’s coverage of the Middle East. By covering up these findings it stops the Trust is not seen to be ensuring that the BBC is a purveyor of accurate and impartial news. The BBC must be accountable to the public it serves. The report should be released without delay. Otherwise, we can only assume that the BBC has something to hide.

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Share the Rocket graphicIsrael Defence Forces

Every time there is a report on Israeli media about a rocket attack down south my wife SMS’s my son who is studying in Sderot, the Qassam capital of the world, to check he is alright. Recently, that has been a daily event. She would be less worried if we were living overseas. She would never hear about it.

Could anyone believe that if an enemy were to fire even one rocket at the sparsely populated, windswept northern coast of Scotland, or parched desert of  Arizona, or crocodile swamps of Australia’s Northern Territory the international media would ignore it until and unless the military of those countries replied with force of their own? Yet that is what happens  when tens of rockets are launched against Israel.

In the last hours, 20 rockets fired from Gaza exploded in Israel.
The lives of over one million civilians are at risk.
Share to show the reality of life under fire.

Rockets were fired into Israel

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†Bowen photograph appropriated,, appropriately, from the Guardian.

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