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The BBC writes PLO to end historic Israeli security agreement.

Leaving aside that this is a threat made many times before, a certain piece of vital information seems to be missing in the second sentence in this article The PLO is the representative body for Palestinians and its decisions are binding for the Palestinian Authority.

Who are the heads of the PLO; the Palestinian Authority that is apparently subordinate to it and Fatah the largest faction in the PLO? Only one head: Mahmud Abbas. So the PLO, led by Abbas instructs the PA, led by Abbas to stop cooperation. He in turn will order Fatah, led by Abbas, to stop cooperating.

Read Elder of Ziyon, Political Pallywood in “decision” to stop security coordination with Israel for more background information than the BBC ever will give you.

Pictorial propaganda

On the graphic level look at the photograph the BBC used to illustrate Palestinian and Israeli security cooperation. Would that be the appropriate caption you would pick?

The photograph and caption BBC used to illustrate cooperation.

The photograph and caption BBC used to illustrate cooperation.

In what way does this clearly set-up photograph of Israeli soldiers confronting heroic, flag-waving Palestinians represent security cooperation in 1993? It was photographed in February 2015!

Such is the BBC’s influence that the same photograph (uncredited) has now accompanied the same story on at least half a dozen other websites.

2015 protestJust think they could have chosen this photograph showing the Israeli soldier so unconcerned he has his back to the protestors. (Somehow I don’t think that was the wisest decision but that is another issue). I expect the subeditor who chose the photograph had both in front of him and went for the more heroic Pallywood example.

Extra credit

Complaint to the BBC – sent 8 March 2015

BBC Complaint screenshot

Photograph credits: European Pressphoto Agency epa04607358 (screen-grabbed) & epa04607355 Israeli soldiers with Palestinians carrying their national flag as they protest the confiscation of Palestinian lands by Israel and Jewish settlers near the Jewish settlement Beit Ayin south of the West Bank city Hebron, 07 February 2015. EPA/ABED AL HASLHAMOUN

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