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star-UNDOFUnited Nations Disengagement Observer Force
We came—We saw—We left

The Austrians in UNDOF have disengaged from the Golan Heights, taking 380 troops from the 1,000 man force. I guess they didn’t like what they observed. In honour of  occasion Five Minutes for Israel has designed a new UNDOF unit badge.

“The only reason you want anyone there in the first place is in time of trouble,” one senior Israeli official told the Guardian. “For the first time in 40 years, it’s not easy so the presence ends? That sends a very problematic message to the Israeli public.

“This means that in any future deal with the Palestinians, we won’t accept any disengagement forces from the United Nations because at the first sign of trouble, they’ll disappear.”

It does sent an excellent message to the Palestinians. Accept a UN disengagement force to monitor the peace interfere with Israeli efforts to protect itself, albeit with no Jewish Israeli soldiers. They will be no problem when Palestine feels itself strong enough to attack.

Parody of UNDOF badge following their withdrawal


Thanks FJSC for ENDOF idea.

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