UNESCO NO!!!!!!!!!

31 October 2011

UNESCO grants Palestinians full membership

To give the rights of a state to a group that fulfils none of the requirements for statehood is weird. To give Palestine full membership of UNESCO even before this failed state in the making has even received virtual statehood from the UN is a disgrace.

An essential part of the Palestinian narrative is that Jews have no connection at all to the Holyland. More than 3,000 years of tradition mean nothing. UNESCO has just agreed. The symbolism is devastating.

The Palestinians have continued the destruction and vandalism of any Jewish site without a Muslim connection they could reach, as did the Jordanians for the nineteen years they were in control.  Where there is a Muslim connection or one can be fantasized they make it difficult and dangerous for Jewish worshippers. This, by itself, should have been enough to deny them membership.

I have said for years that Israel should leave the United Nations. Please explain to me why we are still there?

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