Universal Jurisdiction and the Universal Jew

Legal issuesIf all proceeds according to the announcement the United Kingdom will change its universal jurisdiction regulations for war crimes, today. While Israel is clearly directly effected by this it is hardly the only country involved. Those threatened with arrest included Henry Kissinger and Chinese Trade Minister Bo Xilai.

The stated rationale seems to be that the United Kingdom can’t play a suitable role in the Middle East with the law in place but that was given in an interview to theJerusalem Post Hague: Change universal jurisdiction law. Five Minutes for Israel is waiting for the evil Jewish Lobby spin to explain why the British are making this change. Readers should be on the lookout to respond quickly to this accusation.

While I approve of the change I’m a little disappointed that Israel advocates didn’t play the What’s good for the goose is good for the gander game and use the British provisions to nab some Arabs, not necessarily Palestinian. Perhaps some Saudi General in London for a dose of casinos, forbidden booze and women who don’t wear sacks? Saudi conduct against Yemen and vice versa leaves a lot to be desired. (Yemen: Investigate Laws-of-War Violations Human Rights Watch) Saudi Arabia claims that the Houthi rebels are resorting to war crimes – using human shields and Yemeni army uniforms — similar to tactics Hamas used against Israel (www.imra.org.il, 12/12). Charging an Arab with war crimes under the present law would have put the Destroy Israel Lobby on the defensive and made it much harder to object to the law change.

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