Vonvo II


26 January 2013

For once, a genuine debate on Israel/Palestine

by David Guy (Twitter: @5MFI Email:david@5MFI.com)†

Last week I debated Rick Staggenborg on Vonvo. I’d love your feedback.

Some thoughts

  1. When viewers type comments I don’t see them. I am concentrating on the speaker. So attempting to follow a rapid text conversation is beyond me. The first time the video is posted online is the first time I get to relate to them.
  2. Two hosts are a debate. Three hosts are a mugging.
  3. Without an adjudicator, some hosts will rant on without interruption. (mea culpa)

Comments on comments

  1. I don’t see how the Allied occupation of Germany and Japan and the Israeli ‘occupation’ of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are intellectually so different. In both cases the ‘occupiers’ were there after winning a defensive war and stayed there while their defeated opponents were capable of renewing it. If there is a distinct difference it is that Germany and Japan had the sense to admit defeat and surrender while the Arabs encouraged by their so-called supporters continued both guerilla and conventional war. Had the Germans and the Japanese acted liked the Arabs the Allies would still be over there occupying.
    1. It is true that Allies didn’t make a permanent home there but they never had a legal claim to it. Israel has always stressed that it has a legal right to be there.
  2. Israel didn’t steal Palestinian land. It is ironic that the Palestinians make claims that the British for 46 years , the Ottoman Turks for 300 years before that and the Egyptians before them never accepted but Israel is expected to accept. The reality is that while some Arabs owned land there never was a concept of Palestinian land. Then as now most of the land was owned by the Government of the day.
  3. There has never been a more ludicrous claim than that the Palestinians are indigenous. This land has been invaded and occupied so many times (by the Arabs in the 7th Century) that no one can be considered indigenous. That said, the existing group with the earliest connection is clearly the Jews.
  4. How strange that people like Vickie M always want to avoid the issue that destruction of Israel is a Muslim obligation. Just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it goes away.
  5. I can understand Rick opposing American defence spending. The point is that the American government doesn’t see it that way.

† Apparently the Five Minutes for Israel comment system is inaccessible and has been for some time. We are working on it.

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