What ‘CAN’ you do in 5 minutes?

What’s with the list making?

No, we haven’t become desperate for content. Unfortunately there is no shortage. Nor, have we taken on giving self-help advice. Except for Israel advocacy, of course.

This morning I had a very interesting discussion with an Israel advocate who makes viral videos. It could be an amazing boost for the site to produce an advertising video that goes viral.

Do you have more, better, funnier, wittier things to add?

Please let us know so we can add them to the list. Use the reply area.

Things to do in five minutes; the current list

  1. A really fit person should be able to run a mile in five minutes†
  2. Brush and floss your teeth
  3. Put away the clean dishes
  4. Take the trash/ recycling out
  5. Make a grocery list
  6. Read/ sort your mail
  7. Find and order a book on Amazon.com
  8. Replace the air filters in your house
  9. Call your significant other to let them know you’re thinking about them
  10. Play thumb wars/ rock paper scissors/ go fish with your kid
  11. Self-massage‡
  12. Send an ecard to a friend.
  13. Clean out the car
  14. Make a quick call – one you want to stay short
  15. Take the stairs over the elevator
  16. Kiss your sweetheart, your kids or your pet
  1. Water your houseplants
  2. Make yourself and the your family a healthy snack
  3. Clean out your purse, wallet, gym bag or diaper bag
  4. Make a quick list for the day: calls to make, errands to run etc.
  5. Run the car through the car wash
  6. Change a couple of light bulbs to more energy efficient ones
  7. Clean the mirror and sink in one bathroom
  8. Make your bed or help a child make theirs
  9. Work on a Sudoku or crossword puzzle
  10. Do a pet chore – change the litter box, clean the birdcage, fill the water bowl
  11. Sweep or vacuum one room
  12. Make a Doctor/Dentist/Vet appointment
  13. Lysol phones, keyboards and door knobs
  14. Set the table
  15. Check your email††
  16. 5MFI Action Items, Duh!

† Running a kilometre in 3.4 minutes doesn’t cut it, does it?
‡ Numbers 2~11 appropriated from Birdie: Top 10 things to do in 5 minutes
†† Numbers 12~31 appropriated from Seattle Parenting Examiner, Kristy Stevens-Young: What can you do in 5 minutes? Top 25 things to do in 5 minutes or less

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