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BDS CookbookWhat’s cooking? The BDS Cookbook

How to Confront and Defeat BDS:

Recipes for Students Who Want to Make a Difference

As an amateur graphic artist I’m impressed by the look and feel of this anti Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) site. As an Israel advocate I can only applaud the BDS Cookbook as quite exhaustive manual for countering the Destroy Israel Lobby on campus. The cookbook analogy ‘cooks’.

Five Minute Recipes

How could I resist copy-pasting?

First Response

  1. Get all the information you can on the campaign, including a copy of the divestment resolution as soon as possible.
  2. Bring together pro-Israel activists to decide if a response is necessary.
  3. Contact the Israel on Campus Coalition rapid response team, which will activate the relevant local and/or national organizations.
    Click here to contact the ICC.
  4. Build an active coalition that includes students, faculty, and community members (Jewish organizations, non-Jewish organizations, political groups on campus, progressive groups, etc.)
  5. Contact administration and trustees as necessary.
  6. Develop a press strategy.
  7. Prepare responses on three fronts:
    A. Process (E.g., Is the initiative legal? How is the debate structured?).
    B. Substance (What does the initiative say? What are the claims/responses?).
    C. Implications (Will this advance peace or harm it? How will this affect our campus and community?)

Action Item: The simplest yet. Link to BDS Cookbook and cook up some Israel advocacy action. A more detailed review is in the works.

BDS Cookbook


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