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Irish student abused for supporting Israel

A a 19-year-old Cork student, Cliona Campbell, is complaining she is the victim of a ‘hate campaign’ after volunteering for the Israeli Defense Force (actually she took part in the Sar-El volunteering project). She returned to public abuse, including emails and text messages telling her to ‘keep her head down’ after writing a piece for the local paper based on her experiences.

Read about it in the Cork Student News Aug 11 2010
Read the report she wrote about her experiences: My Stint with the Israeli Army Evening Echo (Cork), Friday July 16th 2010.

I think the least we can do is send her messages of support. Irish student claims she’s being abused for supporting Israel (Cork Student News) or Irish student claims she’s being abused for supporting Israel (Irish Central)

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What is it about the Irish and Israel?

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