Where’s Wally?

Fixed ~ ain’t memes grand?

Iranian Poster meme

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So much to deconstruct in this poster.

  • Is that the flag of Saudi Arabia?
  • Can one actually see the golden Dome of the Rock from the al Aksa mosque?
  • What is meaning of the time-out signal of the two women at bottom-left?
  • Isn’t releasing doves a sign of peace not victory?
  • and that’s ignoring the Final Solution and referendum references in the original.
  • Feel free to add your own.


I was tossing up whether to call the iconic wanderer Wally, as I knew him  or Waldo for American readers. But in the UK, Waldo is Wally. And, shockingly enough, Waldo was actually Wally first and he’s British. Wally was the brainchild of Martin Handford, an illustrator born in the Greater London neighborhood of Hampstead.

The style of art executed by Handford is probably the most famous example of “Wimmelbilderbuch” drawings, originally popularised by Hieronymus BoschPieter Brueghel the Elder and Hans Jürgen Press.

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