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July 28, 2011

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes about Wikimania.
Israel hosts Wikimania 2011 Avigayil Kadesh July 14, 2011

I particularly like this bit:

Wikimedia Israel is working with student interns from Ben-Gurion University’s Africa Center to bring Linux-installed computers donated by open-source free software association Amutat Hamakor to schools in Cameroon and Benin, where instruction is in French. The computers are loaded with a static version of the French Wikipedia for classrooms without books or Internet. “They’ve managed to take small villages from the 17th to the 21st century,” Lin says. “Every time the students go, they update to the next version.”

A good proportion of our Muslim enemies want to send us back to the seventh century and their Western fellow travellors are cheering for them.
Will there ever be a day when being pro-Palestinian actually means bringing them the advantages of the 20th century, not sending them back to the Dark Ages?

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