Willkommen in Deutschland


Herta Mansbacher was the daughter of wealthy Jewish parents in Darmstadt. She went to Darmstadt to Victoria school and visited the teachers seminar with completion in 1907. She then worked as a teacher at the elementary school in Worms. In the wake of the so-called seizure of power by the National Socialists in 1933 Mansbacher was dismissed from the public school system, but became involved in the Jewish school founded in 1935 in Worms, which then became Acting Director in 1936. During the pogroms in November 1938 she rescued with great courage irreplaceable cultural objects, the 900-year-old Jewish community from the burning synagogue in Worms . After the forced closure by the Nazis of the Jewish school 1940/41, they deferred their own migration plans in favor of their students. Up to their deportation, they still led the “List of Emigrants.” On 19 March 1942 she was deported and murdered later. There in her honor in Darmstadt an Herta Mansbacher-road and in a Worms Herta Mansbacher system.

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