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Palestinian dichotomyTime for Muslims to own their problem

What do the Paris, Kenya, Nigeria, Lebanon that Russian plane crash in Sinai and, yes, Israel attacks have in common? Answers on the back of an envelope, if you still use that technology.

Did you guess world hypocrisy? The more obvious choices Islam (as in nothing to do with it) and terrorism (as in not to be used as it implies a value judgement) seem to have been forbidden as they might offend someone.

Saying that the Paris attacks have nothing to do with Islam is like saying the inquisition had nothing to do with Catholicism.

To start with, could you imagine reporting the Second World War  under the political correctness restrictions of today? For a start we couldn’t use the word German because not all Germans were Nazi supporters. In the 1933 elections 56.09% of German voters did not support Hitler and his party. The figure, circulating the Internet is that only 7% or 10% of Germans were actual Nazis.

We can see how that worked out.

No one thought that the Nazis represented Germans, except the Nazis, almost half the Germans who voted for them, many German expats and arguably many who voted for other parties – that’s what representative government means. of course.

I hope you see the parallels with the current Muslim attempts to distance themselves from the Paris attacks. There is, of course, a significant difference. Today the Germans, as we saw from the recent Netanyahu/Mufti brouhaha, accept responsibility (Austrians less so). Muslims don’t.

Muslims; Not me

KKK-ISIS-memeYou may have seen the meme to the right or something similar. Hat tip to Bill Flavell for pointing out the aims of the KKK were secular while the aims of ISIL are religious and entirely supported by conventional Islamic theology.

Still, if the KKK were replaced by any other group of Christians acting badly the same point needs to be made. What happened in Paris, then Mali and previously Nigeria, Kenya and Israel is about Islam. ISIS interpretation of Islam isn’t extreme its mainstream and while most Muslims aren’t chopping heads it has plenty of support.

There’s a variation on this. Some say we should ignore the aggressive parts of the Koran because there are morally equivalent parts of Christian and Jewish scriptures. If Christians were currently attacking random strangers in multiple countries in the world, screaming ‘Bless Jesus, Our lord and Saviour’ as they did so, I might agree but they are not.

The claims about the Jewish Talmud are more complicated. The quotations are often mistranslated, taken completely out of context or even simply fabricated. But even if they were not, it would not matter.  In standard print is over 6,200 pages long; thousands of rabbis contributed over more than a thousand years. That’s a vast orchard for cherry picking.

As with the Christians no Jews are going around killing because of it. Indeed very few Jews have read it all and many have read none of it. And before someone however unfairly conflates Israel with Jews, the legal system in Israel is not based on the Talmud.

When I hear Muslims and their advocates claim that they have never heard the Islamic supremacism that ISIS demonstrates in practise, in their local mosque I think back to Barack Obama. He claimed to have attended Rev. Wright’s church for twenty years and never heard an antisemitic utterance. It wasn’t believable then.

Muslims, it is not enough to make a generalised #notinmyname. Own the problem and fix it.

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