Young, female and forging

star-BBCIs Young, female and forging a path in Gaza a BBC puff piece? The start-up selected to lead off this BBC CAPITAL report is a company named BOOM BABY BOOM without any apparent attempt at irony!

It is a video worth watching if only to see the multi-storey buildings and new cars that Israel neglected to destroy.

Gaza entrpreneur

Not a trace of irony

BBC boilerplate as usual. In recent years the democratically elected ruling party …

Perhaps not. Does Jui Chakravorty† really believe this; is she protecting her behind or is this BBC agenda promoting the moderate Hamas?

In the January 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections, Hamas won a decisive majority in the Palestinian Parliament but were forced out of power (arguably legally) by the President, Mahmud Abbas. Hamas violently took control of Gaza in 2007 and expelled or killed most of the opposing Fatah group. The battle caused the dissolution of the unity government and the de facto division of the Palestinian territories into two entities, the West Bank governed by the Palestinian National Authority, and Gaza governed by Hamas.

The democratically elected Hamas has not conducted any elections at any level of government since.

Chakravorty has left so many unasked questions

A few women are forging ahead with the help of GOOGLE. Google for  Entrepreneurs maintains campuses in Tel Aviv, London, Warsaw, São Paulo, Seoul and Madrid. I wonder if GOOGLE Israel has anything to do with this? Geography or politics. Would the BBC say if they were?

Why are the men not engaging in start-ups? Who are the customers they hope to attract and where do the customers have the money to use their services?

The Hamas effort to introduce women into the fighting forces is precisely because of that ease of movement. Will this restrict these entrepreneurial women? Perhaps that wasn’t into the news release because the BBC doesn’t ask.

In trying to promote this woman angle the BBC inadvertently reveal to the world that their usual coverage from Gaza is a ‘miss’.


† Is Jui Chakravorty still Deputy Bureau Chief of Reuters, Mumbai? Does anyone know what her role is in the BBC?


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